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JEMgraphics is considered the top video graphics editing company in the Bay Area
HD video marketing Video editor pro Animation, motion graphics Audio production and editing Video and composite graphics Green-screen video compositing Quality Digital content for website Commercial, advertising photography Voice-over recording Creative scriptwriting & storyboards
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JEMgraphics is a multimedia company that has the skills to help

marketing your company.

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Geothersun was a French company starting a business here in the Bay Area and asked the University of San Francisco what company they would they recommend that can produce a corporate graphics look for their video. We were again recommended for that look. This video is a good example of our new look.
Bill Romanowski was starting a new company called Nutrition 53 and needed to produce several network commercials during two Super Bowl seasons that would have a video graphics look for his projects. After looking for quite a bit, they were told that JEMgraphics was the company to use for that look.
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John, our creative drector, received his design degree at the California College of the Arts(CCA), here in the Bay Area. He approaches editing videos in a different way from our competition by developing a professional form of motion graphics.
We call it Video Graphics
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Think of us as your creative department
Creative conceptualization, scriptwriting and storyboards Animation, motion graphics and presentation graphics HD and 4K video production and video editing Video Graphics, animation, composite graphics Audio production and audio editing Green-screen video compositing High quality Digital content for website Commercial, advertising and marketing photography Voice-over recording Internet video marketing
Although we specialize in producing corporate marketing videos, we also provide the following services;
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At JEM, we combine professional motion graphics video, photography, audio, still and motion graphics, with years of experience to give your project maximum impact.
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Digital Content Creators

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Video Graphics Marketing

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At JEM, we differ from our competition in the way we incorporate motion graphics into our videos. Our style is a very corporate style that we developed back in 2010 that were used in several super bowl commercials for two years for Bill Romanowski(Nutrition 53). One of the six videos can be seen in our video gallery. We developed a video for a French company that brings out a new level video graphics that can be seen on our video marketing page.
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JEMgraphics is a multimedia

company that has the skills to

help marketing your company.

(415) 483-1105  74 Digital Drive, Novato CA