Video Production

1. Video Production, Script writing, Editing and Compositing 2. Green Screen Capabilities up to 20’x30’ stage 3. Marketing consultation 4. Full HD & 4K Camera Packages 5. Professional actors and voice-over services 6. Royalty-Free Music Library 7. Video conversion: VHS tape and DVD to file
We are unique in the industry, not only how we shoot the video, but how we composite the graphics, animation and photography together. There are many companies that can shoot video. Just as there are many companies that can do photography and graphics. But there are very few companies that can combine the three so well. By combining various forms of media, we give you that unique look that will help you stand out among the competition. And we do it at a cost you can afford because we do it all in- house.

Services that we offer

JEMgraphics Video Cost Worksheet
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JEMgraphics is a San Francisco Bay Area multimedia company that provides video graphics services into our videos
Video Graphics Production & Editing
74 Digital Drive, Novato CA 94949 - (415) 483-1105
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415 483 1105
Video Marketing
This is a good example how we help companies by producing marketing videos
This is the home page of the company
Checkout the video that we did for them

Video Production/Editing

1. Video Production Editing and Compositing 2. Motion Graphics Production and Editing 3. Green Screen capabilities up to 20x30 ft. 4. Concept, Scripting & Creative Assistance 5. Full HD & 4K Camera Packages 6. Professional Voice-over and actor services 7. Marketing consultation 8. Royalty-Free Music Library
JEMgraphics provides video, motion graphics design & animation services and located in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Green Screen videos Green Screen videos Corporate video production Instructional video production
Our Specialty
Green Screen
Corporate & Instructional
Presentation based video shows with interactive control Presentation based video shows with interactive control (415) 483-1105
We stand apart from our competition in the way we combine photos, animation, graphics and special effects into our videos
A video graphics production
A Super Bowl commercial
A corporate start-up
A grant program
Internet video marketing
Website video
Community Service
iPhone commercial
Rare genetic diseases
74 Digital Drive, studio 8, Novato CA
415 483 1105