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Daylight Photographic: Two-year project - two-year project that incorporated the highest level of 4K videos that would be exhibited in airports, corporate headquarters and similar locations. We acquired two 12- core processor computers with 64GB of RAM, two 50” 4K monitors. We added top of the line editing software to make this project produce the highest quality large screen projection possible.
First Franklin Bank contracted us to do a green screen photo shoot of their attendees at a convention, print and mount the photos in pre-constructed frames that we created and then have the attendees come back later to pick up their photos promoting the company’s business. We created three categories; WW1 fighter pilot, Egyptian explorer, and a Mad Scientist with the text saying, “Image the Possibilities”. They had a stage built, and we mounted the photos into the photo frames.
Travis Credit Union contracted us to have a video based website, which would make it easier for their clients to understand their services. We created several videos over a 2 year period.
Bill Romanowski created Nutrition 53 that sells nutritional supplements and needed to produce several network commercials during two Super Bowl seasons that would have a video graphics look. We shot the videos over a green-screen and created a virtual set. We shot their products, added the graphics and created three network commercials for the Fox Network and then the next year three more for Comcast SportsNet.
Super Games Super Games Super Games
Super Games that sold through traditional channels wanted sell through the Internet and commissioned us to create a website and videos explaining what the iPhone app did through character animation and how to use it as well as a marketing the video.
Super Games:
Panic Buster Panic Buster Panic Buster
Doctor Fabric developed a technique to stop Panic Attacks in two days. He wanted to make a video on his technique and sell it to people who suffer from Panic Attacks. We created the video with motion graphics, voice-overs and graphics for the packaging of the product. We then set up the production for both VHS and DVD, distribution and fulfillment channels. The project lasted well over a year.
Panic Buster: One-year project -
Nicole Durand, a well-known French artist wanted to promote her business here in the US. Her manager hired us to develop an identity program, create stationary, a magazine ad, postcards, photograph her sculptures, create a video, and website. We also shot stills and video footage at the International Art Expo in New York and her studio in Nice, France.
Nicole Durand Nicole Durand Nicole Durand

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